A Career in Commercial Real Estate

A short while into introductions, a fellow came in from the golf course and he sat down at our table. Andrew Friedlander introduced himself and we discussed our house in Philadelphia, his first home in Brooklyn and his new home in Honolulu. As to how he ended up in Hawaii, Andrew told us that on … [Read more…]

Condominiums in Singapore – The Unique Groups

Even a Singapore condominium or ‘condominium’ in summary, is really a complex endeavor in which individuals units are sold. Whenever you purchase a device in a condominium, you’ve got human ownership of everything inside the walls of the unit. At the same point, you’ve shared possession with another proprietor of the usual property such as … [Read more…]

What are Connecticut real estate courses?

Certainly, not every person is enthusiastic about real property. And not every person is aware of this subject, much less about the specifics of Connecticut real estate.  This is one of the key reasons why experts on Connecticut real estate have come up with Connecticut real estate courses to be able to provide knowledge and … [Read more…]

Commercial Real Estate Company Problems

At the time you conduct a commercial real estate company which has many salespeople, and then it’s vital to prevent operational issues that stifle record opportunity and handle conversion speed. Often today we see some agents cutting corners with regards to operational service and backup for the sales team. You are unable to make good … [Read more…]